IoT Systems Group is a company formed in 2016 in London, the largest city in Europe and the capital of the UK

We use machine learning to shift through complexity. We provide low cost, high value and scalable technology

IoT Systems Group is a leader in comprehensive, data-driven energy management solutions (EMS) that use the power of real-time data collection, big data analytics and cloud computing to maximise energy savings, operational efficiency, capital utilisation and drive towards the benefits of increased sustainability. Our integrated portfolio of asset-level disaggregation services, submetering and monitoring, intelligent control, energy management software and professional services can generate energy savings up to 30% within short payback periods

Our Group has grown quickly and we now have satellite offices in France and the Middle East

If you would like to talk to us, or are interested in a pilot, please contact us

Get in touch at contactus@iotsystemsgroup.com