IoT Systems Groups offers four major levels of subscription service once our hardware is installed and working. We understand that different customers want to adopt different approaches.

Our Bronze Level offer is simply to supply the technology and make sure its working in the right way for your business. So we ensure data flow and can provide data files back to you

Our Silver Level offer is the same as Bronze but with the addition of basic level disaggregation separating major consuming areas from others. This is useful for solar generation confirmation or battery storage planning. It could also be fundamental to your plans to understand lighting consumption for example, so you can business plan lighting replacement based on actuals

Our Gold Level offer is more detailed disaggregation based on the consumption signatures we can see when sampling the main incoming supply. This will enable us to distinguish the major consuming areas and the major devices within those areas. Some pre-install configuration is possible, but most of the device learning or algorithm training will take place on site. The end goal would be to identify as much as possible and develop as detailed an asset register as is possible

Our Platinum Level offer is based on a full managed service where we would do everything described in the service levels above, but commit to working with you as an active partner identifying opportunities for energy reduction and further control. We have considerable experience in building and facilities management and so can plan large scale reductions with you to achieve the maximum possible results. At this level we can also look at the introduction of finance to cover the capital costs of replacement building services technology