IOT Systems Group uses the best technology on offer to accurately measure your building’s consumption

We are specialists in using low cost, but high value, kit that can help you discover what is being consumed where and when

We can measure and validate almost anything, but by way of an example the technology we offer for measuring electrical consumption incorporates three main features inside the small box that we install

Feature one – is the high resolution sampling process that has been developed to measure the flow of electricity into your building. We do this by using a clamp on the incoming cable and a sensor that measures the electrical flow many thousands of times a second. This detailed measurement enables us to ‘see’ the consuming signatures of devices drawing electrical power. We can see so much, we can then use feature two to add value

Feature two Рis the patented machine learning algorithms that we have tested and refined over the last few years. These are designed to process the total energy consumption data flow and help decide what aspects of the data relate to which consuming device. If the algorithms have seen something before they will interrogate a library of signatures and identify a match (in same way as a human might match a fingerprint for identification). They can be preconfigured to pick up things you are interested in, such as lighting units, or photocopiers or those air handling units on the roof. Train them well and they will not only pick up the identifying signature but learn from the experience and be faster and more accurate the next time. As the algorithms learn what is good performance, they can also be trained to look out for bad, highlighting in the asset register what has stopped performing as it once was, and request it be replaced or maintained

Feature Three – is the mechanism by which our small box communicates with the outside world. We have both wifi and global roaming SIM capability, so we can either transmit data over wifi if range is not an issue, or install the independent GSM capability of a secure and powerful connection if speed and security is important

In essence we are combining the best in small, cost effective sensing technology, with mobile and wireless communication, to provide our customers with new access to performance data