What we do

IoT Systems Group is a company working to deliver the best in IoT systems to many FTSE 500 companies in UK, Europe and the Middle East. We deliver services that will help you develop insights into your business performance and provide an evidence base for decision making

Tell us what your issues are and what data you need to solve them, and we will find a way of providing you with a cost effective solution

Our clever sensors can measure all kinds of things with a high degree of accuracy. We are solution agnostic, meaning we won’t try and get you to buy something we already have, but we will look for a solution that meets your needs as a customer

Our ambition is for you to see as much as you need in terms of what you are consuming and where and when. This is giving you a previously impossible level of detail which can be developed into an all round level of understanding

This data retrieved is analysed and the resulting information is displayed for you in custom built interface screens adapted to your circumstances.

The uses to which you can put our technology are endless. Again, by way of example, the analysis process for electrical consumption can convert your kWh consumption to pounds (essential for bill validation and compliance reporting), allow you to set alerts (essential for efficiency and safety), and help you make tariff/cost comparisons (essential for cost control, scheduling and maintenance). In essence, we can build a digital asset register of your reporting in real time the performance of your building. We call it the ‘Realtime DAR’.

If you would like to subscribe, or are interested in a pilot, please contact us.

Get in touch at contactus@iotsystemsgroup.com