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Client Testimonials

For Digital Jersey we were looking for an IoT platform that could represent the best in IoT technology so we could train and inform. We had to find a Company that had a platform that could take any sensor from any manufacturer and IoT Systems Group provided that. That’s without looking at the ease of installation and the superb visualisation

Chris Knight

We were very keen at Emcor to see how new Industry 4.0 technology could integrate our existing systems and make them interoprate. We didn’t want any rip and replace, but something that would bring our data together quickly. IoT Systems Group had the answer.

Clare Hawkins

Our Proven Process Produces Results


We come and see you. We talk about the issues affecting your business efficiency. We look at how realtime data can improve what you know. We imagine the rapid visualisation.


We work through a solution design. We recommend sensors, data integration and connectivity. We look at indicative costs.


We agree what an initial deployment looks like. We survey your locations. We test sensors out on site. We build visualisations and design workflows.


We make sure data is flowing. We check connectivity, resolution and data integration. We look at what the data tells us.


We confirm savings, improve efficiency, look at stage two. Give you money back. We are here to help you.

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Through Creative IoT Delivery, Innovation & Sheer Determination

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