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IoT Systems Group and Disruptive Technologies announce strategic partnership

IoT Systems Group is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Disruptive Technologies, creators of the world’s smallest wireless sensor.

Many companies have disparate systems and processes meaning it’s difficult to gain visibility into the supply chain process, but even harder to monitor it all and use that data for interoperability and benefit. As a Group determined to deliver true interoperability through IoT, so that investors can rely on the data and see efficiencies delivered, IoT Systems Group needs to partner with best in class hardware and software manufacturers so that our technology solutions stand out. When we looked at Disruptive Technologies in 2016, we had no doubt they would be the type of partner we wanted, and we were one of the first to invest in their prototype solution.

The Disruptive Technologies solution will mean we are better placed to analyse connected data across organisational siloes so we can quickly identify gaps and deliver improvement opportunities. Disruptive Technologies data will be integrated with our platform so that clients can use this information to modernise and transform their process touchpoints, portals, systems, and processes – thus enhancing their efficiency and improving their bottom line. IoT Systems Group offers solutions that bring customer processes to life by taking a data-driven approach and is an industry leader in connecting and analysing efficiency gains from multiple data sources.

The strategic partnership is a natural one, given the existing integration between our platform and the technical solution on offer. 

Jason Plent, CEO of IoT System Group commented:

“IoT solutions are providing unique insights into better understanding how business operates, the energy used and the conditions in which they deliver. Companies and public sector bodies have begun to realise the significant benefits of working with a platform that integrates and harmonises all their different data sources and saves them money. We see huge opportunities for hardware and software partners as we deliver IoT systems to discover in realtime and provide the baseline for funded infrastructure changes. Our experience of at the same time significantly improving operating efficiency comes as a default. Disruptive Technologies complements our other investments in start-up technologies and will play an important role in our operating model improvements for our strategic clients.”

Patricia Auseth, VP Brand & Partner Development at Disruptive Technologies adds:

We are embarking on an ambitious mission together;  to change the way the world operates, basically making spaces a whole lot smarter. We believe that IoT Systems Group can help us build great solutions for our customers to achieve gains in operational efficiency, sustainability, and safety. At Disruptive Technologies, we are proud to partner with IoT Systems Group, and look forward to developing the market together.