Press Release – 28 August 2019

British Energy Saving Technology (BEST), a global leader in electrical consumption data aggregation and analysis for all industry sectors has signed a ground-breaking partnership with IoT Systems Group (IoTSG) in the UK.

BEST have developed an innovative approach to energy management that integrates the Internet of Things (IoT) with world-leading energy management software.

IoT Systems Group is a leading systems integrator based in London, with key clients in the national infrastructure, FM and healthcare sectors.

IoT Systems Group team members attended training at BEST’s offices in July 2019, the partnership agreement was agreed, and initial collaboration discussed.

“Participating in the BEST training programme allows us to better understand what clients can expect from a consortium offer including the power of the BEST Eniscope energy management system, gauge our offering against other leading providers, engage with energy experts in the BEST team, and then work together to release our joint offering to the market,” says Jason Plent, CEO at IoTSG.

“The BEST Energy Management Solution offers energy, facilities and environmental managers the ability to view and analyse energy monitoring data to assess trends and compliance, but also the ability to manage incidents, audits, inspections and to conduct risk assessments on all power consumption to ensure that the facility’s risk profile is acceptable, future-proofed, and that any issues or findings are dealt with and closed out,” says Jason Plent, CEO at IoTSG.

He explains that the benefit to large power consumers – or any operation that has large operational facilities – is managing compliance and risks, conducting analytics on all the data and providing information quickly through alerts, reports or dashboards. The next stage is to use the data to baseline and plan changes in the infrastructure.

“With our consortium partners, we engage with clients to develop integrated offers that can mean the client gets the energy efficiency and control solution they need without any upfront cost” explains Jason. He adds “…this is in all our interests, as we need to use capital wisely to decarbonise the economy, and so releasing this kind of offer now is ideal for a rapidly changing energy market and a rapidly changing climate.”

BEST confirmed that the new agreement with IoTSG is a significant step forward to scaling their activities in the UK. With the combination of technological expertise and IoT experience on offer, BEST expect this relationship to pay dividends in the coming months and years:

“What we look for in a new partner first and foremost is a shared passion for decarbonisation. We want them to truly believe in the journey we’re on, to educate the world about the power and importance of energy efficiency. In IoTSG, we found not only that passion, but an organisation with substantial connections in our target markets, considerable expertise on the ground and the knowledge and drive to deliver our no-cost solution model.”

“It’s a relationship we’re extremely excited about and one that, we think, has the potential to rival any of our biggest around the world” says Simon Jennings, Marketing Director at British Energy Saving Technology.