With the coronavirus pandemic still in full swing, governments across the globe have been advising businesses to encourage their employees to work from home – however this isnt always possible. Read how IoT Systems Group can help your business operating as usual.

Employers have a ‘duty of care’ for staff, customers and anyone else who may visit the workplace. This means they must do what is reasonable to support their health, safety and wellbeing of staff and clients. This isn’t always a reality, as many still rely on employees to commute to continue operations as normal. Outside of key workers, the majority of industrial workplaces are still requiring regular checks and maintenance. As a result, staff are still commuting to their occupation despite there being a risk to health. On top of this, COVID-19  has had a massive affect on the global economy. We aid employers in operating their business without the need to commute to their place of work whilst saving money

So how can IoTSG help?

IoTSG is a global leading technology consultancy that provides smart, innovative solutions across a range of industries. Our vision and focus is aimed on decarbonisation and increasing efficiency. We offer innovative solutions that alleviate the need for employees to make any unnecessary risks, whilst saving costs and helping reduce your businesses carbon footprint. We do this by implementing a multitude of sensors and data streams throughout industrial buildings, using non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM). NILM analyses any changes in voltage and current of appliances you would utilise, providing you with valuable data. This data is then fed into our machine learning AI which can deliver high fidelity analytics in real time. It is able to do this trough the use of edge computing. You can access a range of relevent data on a digital platform, where real actionable insights can be made.

How does our platform work?

Employers are able to control, monitor and maintain their job without the need to risk commuting to and from. The dashboard initially displays a district view of multiple facilities and a rundown of how they’re operating. Presented here is data such as live weather, cost to date and energy consumption. Going forward, you can choose a specific facility you wish to view in greater detail. Once selected the desired facility to operate, a schematic of the building is shown. The map is overlaid with a temperature heat map and lighting status. Zooming in to zone level view, we can see room related information such as occupancy and asset status (on/off).

What does this mean for an employer?

You will be able to control appliances within a certain area remotely and see live effects on the cost and consumption. Alongside this, you’re able to set specific thresholds to appliances, meaning that our AI can autonomously control and monitor the facility for you, i.e. if a room becomes unoccupied for a specific length of time, all unnecessary appliances could automatically switch off. Not only does this allow you to continue to operate aspects of your business by completely eliminating the need for any risk of commuting, it also cuts down the cost of unnecessary use of utilities, resulting in savings of approximately 25%. With leading economist predicting a wave of bankruptcies coming in Europe, and stock markets suffering the worst quarter in the last 35 years the ability for a business to save costs without making staff redundant is important now more than ever.

IoT Systems Group can implement solutions to help your business save money, save employee and save the planet. If you’re interested in finding out more, dont hesitate to get in touch at https://iotsystemsgroup.com/contact-us/.