Delivering Industry 4.0

Since the invention of the wheel, technology has been one constant evolution to the point where we are on the brink of the next industrial revolution. In the late 18th century manufacturers would use steam engines and hydraulic power in factories to make production more efficient, this was the first and most familiar industrial revolution. In the 1960’s, advancements in computing resulted in programming machines and building the networks we see today. This was the most recent industrial revolution. Technology is driving change across all areas of society. Not only do we increasingly use it and even rely on it in our personal lives, we also find that our workplaces are digitally evolving. Technology is now taking on more and more processes than ever before. This change we see is the fourth industrial revolution – also known as Industry 4.0.

Fourth Industrial Revolution

Industry 4.0 will see many tasks that were once performed by us, now being automated. Advances in artificial intelligence and edge processing have made leaps and bounds. This is being made possible with the collection and real time data analysis, artificial intelligence and the ability for all components to be able to communicate with one another. As a result, production is made extremely efficient and can be customised according to customer needs.

This sounds good in theory, but what does this mean for a business? With increased automation, human time and resources will be freed up to concentrate on more complex tasks. However, without a workforce capable of building, programming and developing these technologies none of this would exist. That’s where IoT Systems Group (IoTSG) comes into play. With the human touch ensuring effective communication, problem solving and supporting change management in this digital environment, IoTSG can offer a solution to provide these changes to your business.

IoTSG Solution

Our solutions utilises data streams produced by physical assets. The assets we commonly use are IoT sensors, machine learning AI and edge computing – this drives insights based on data. These new technologies will revolutionise and enable the construction of new solutions to the toughest challenge’s faced in businesses today. By working with IoTSG, we can help your business create new sources of revenue, achieve unprecedented levels of customer service, reduce risks within the workplace and improve productivity and growth.

So how do we do this? With more data than ever before is being produced – IoT devices are expected to generate more than 80 zettabytes of data by 2025. This amount of data has endless possibilities. IoTSG provides an end-to-end solution, from implementation of physical data streams, to high fidelity data analytics. ML artificial intelligence in conjunction with edge computing, there are many advantages over the current ‘cloud computing’ model. With edge processing, we are able produce more accurate results by measuring at a sub-millisecond resolution. Furthermore, we receive a higher quality of data at an extremely low latency – offering information in real time. This high fidelity analysis will vastly affect decision making within a business, helping you make smarter investments.

The Future

IoTSG is playing a fundamental role in delivering industry 4.0. To illustrate, we construct new solutions that allow businesses and projects to overcome some of the toughest challenges to date. We provide an integrated and complete IoT platform which can accelerate digital transformation initiatives. In addition, you will have complete control and visibility over your budget and deployment via our remote, digital platform. Consequently, this will help your business reduce its carbon footprint and run more efficiently. We find that our clients are saving on average of 25%. With the IOT industry predicted to grow to over 2.4 billion devices by 2030, it is clear that the next industrial revolution is on our doorstep. Join us at IoTSG in delivering industry 4.0.

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