Edge Computing

We define Edge Computing as placing workloads close to where the data is being produced and actions being processed. Let’s think about this, where does data come from? We often think about data existing in the cloud, where we may perform analytics and AI activities that process the data. However, this is not really where the data was originally created. Data is produced from physical data streams in the world around us, by humans and the environment in which we operate as a by product of our interaction with equipment.

The edge used to be a place where devices connected so they could deliver data, and receive updates from a central cloud. With the explosion of IoT devices and the arrival of 5G wireless network, the ability to compute and analyse close to where data is created is making the case for edge computing.

IoTSG Solution

IoTSG is transforming the way data is being handled, processed and delivered across millions of devices around the world. The exponential growth of IoT devices, along with new applications that require real time computing continues to drive edge computing. With the emerging 5G networks, it’s allowed for systems to accelerate the support of extremely low latency applications. Examples of this are analytics, autonomous cars and artificial intelligence to name a few.

Opposed to storing data in a cloud that could be miles away, IoTSG is able to bring computation and data storage closer to where the data is produced. This means we can provide extremely low latency in our results, meaning you can access relevant insights in real time. This can greatly improve an applications performance and efficiency. In addition to this, your business is able to save money as a direct result or processing data locally. We find that problems arise when the number of devices transmitting data at the same time. A common issue is the quality suffering due to latency. The cost of bandwidth is rather expensive with the number of devices transmitting data being in the thousands.

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Our edge computing solutions help resolve these issues by being a local source of storage and processing for business systems. The ability to cut costs in storage, save time and money with processing is beneficial for all businesses. The benefits of real time analytics and insights provide a greater benefit for improving efficiency. Not only this, it also allows for smarter investments to be made – whic is critical for any business to succeed. In the Worldwide Edge Infrastructure Forecast, 2019-2023, Kuba Stolarski, research director at IDC, stated that “Edge computing has evolved significantly”. “With enhanced interconnectivity enabling improved edge access to more core applications, and with new IoT and industry-specific business use cases, edge infrastructure is poised to be one of the main growth engines in the server and storage market for the next decade and beyond”.

As the industry becomes more mainstream, its importance is likely to grow exponentially in the upcoming years. With more data than ever before being produced, Bernard Marr from Enterprise Tech published findings that in 2020 every human on the planet will be creating 1.7 megabytes of data….each second! This amount of information available has endless possibilities. IoTSG’s ability to improve the efficiency at which it is processed and interpreted is invaluable. If your business is interested in finding out more about how we can help make smarter investments whilst making savings, please get in contact now.

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