Is Data the new Gold?

Gold – it’s shiny and is perceived to have a value due in part to its rarity. Data on the other hand doesn’t quite have the same allure. Unlike gold, data is everywhere and with more data than ever being produced;  but is it worth just as much, if not more?  To obtain value from gold, it needs to be fashioned into jewellery, minted into coins or utilised in tech for its conductive properties. In other words, it needs to be productised to create any valuable entity to drive profit. Raw data collected in mass has no value, just like gold. Its not until you manipulate and analyse it to get its true value.

Viewing it as a commodity

So why is data important? Just like gold, it’s a commodity. It is the insight that is derived from this valuable resource that is the currency. These insights are critical to any company across any industry. By giving your business the means to drive organic growth, and effectively determine the cause of problems. For the 21st century, data is the most significant asset, powering new technologies, allowing companies to be nimbler and scale infinitely faster. But these approaches are only as strong as the underlying data feeding them. By successfully analysing data, you can model and predict profitable streams of income, establish a tailored customer service enabling users to reach the insights they actually want and need. Being able to analyse and interpret quality data for actionable insights is key to see these results. This is where IoT.SG come in.

IoT.SG Solution

IoT.SG are a leading global technology consultancy, dedicated to improving overall business efficiency, decarbonisation and providing tailor made business solutions, utilising state of the art technology. Our parnters consist of a number of smart technology companies such as tech pioneer FogHorn Systems to provide the best of breed solutions. With 70% of companies failing to analyse their IoT data, and 80% or more of their data locked up in unstructured data makes the ability to analyse data more important than ever before.

The speed at which quality data can be analysed is what makes IoT.SG differ. Through the use of our machine learning AI, we have the ability to analyse data at the edge. This results in super low latency, meaning you can access relevant insights in real time as they happen. This is an incredibly useful asset as it allows for more accurate and faster decision making, whilst giving you digital control over appliances remotely. As a result, you will be one step ahead of competition, make smarter investments as well as see immediate savings.

IoT.SG utilises innovative technology and smart solutions that can help any business within any industry – we are industry agnostic. By unlocking the potential from your data, you will vastly improve business operations from day one. If you’re interested in having a chat with one of our team, feel free to get in contact now – or fill out the form below.

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