IoT Systems Group to deliver IoT.nxt framework to the UK and Middle East

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IoT Systems Group, one of the UK’s leading IoT systems providers that helps businesses accurately manage business energy consumption, process flow and building systems to deliver increased efficiency and automation, today announces an exclusive deal with South African based IOT.nxt.

The company will now deliver IOT.nxt’s world leading cloud based IOT framework to organisations across the UK and will work exclusively with IOT.nxt’s existing clients in the Middle East.

The IoT.nxt framework makes the efficiencies, cost savings and increased revenue from IoT a reality for businesses. The major strength of the IoT.nxt framework is that the solution is technology agnostic, which overcomes the many challenges of connecting any, and all devices or systems.

IoT Systems Group will deliver this framework into businesses, linking with existing or newly installed wired or wireless sensors, systems and third party hardware. The framework will create interoperability and interconnectivity from the edge (onsite) to the cloud (remote access) and allows rapid deployment, enabling businesses to action an Internet of Things strategy with little or no disruption to current operations.

IoT Systems Group specialises in utilising leading technology to bring an understanding of energy consumption and building performance to deliver solutions for improvement and cost reduction. This partnership will enhance choice for commercial customers who will be able to select from a wider range of Edge devices and connect their existing devices and systems in a seamless and innovative way.

Nico Steyn, CEO, IoT.NXT, said

“This partnership demonstrates IoT.NXT’s deep commitment to building a strong presence in the UK and Middle East, working with the best delivery partners, and delivering to the wider corporate market. The UK and Middle East are key markets for us and we know in signing this agreement we have the best partner”

Jason Plent, CEO, IoT Systems Group, said

“Our commitment is to use the latest techniques available which is why we are delighted to be working exclusively with IoT.nxt to deliver their technology agnostic cloud-based IOT framework. Utilising the IOT.nxt framework, we can now offer a world leading, technology-agnostic IOT framework to organisations in the UK and Middle East. With IoT Systems Group, powered by Iot.NXT technology, the industrial or infrastructure customer can quickly deploy and drive value from IoT applications and VAR workflow on a scalable architecture.”


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