Project Description


You achieve more success in your organisation when there is seamless interaction between its many parts. When there is not, the business suffers. Achieve optimal, affordable and effective operational synergy with our market-changing IoT solutions. Resolve your business challenges through our world-class innovation.

Common business challenges and red flags:

  • Pre-emptive crisis detection systems not in place
  • Lack of system automation
  • No synergy between devices


IoTSG’s systems integrate across the value chain, creating an intelligent ecosystem that communicates With every Other devices as well as the cloud. Our solution detects threshold breaches in Carbon Monoxide leaks, identified through the interconnected device layer (edge), alerting the right people quickly and smartly, thus ensuring fast and effective emergency responses.

Our solution includes the following devices:

  • Carbon Monoxide sensors
  • CO cancellation unit (air purifier)
  • Existing ventilation Systems (HVAC/Aircon)
  • FogHorn edge gateway



IoT Systems Group is an award-winning market leader in IoT technology. The company was founded in 2016 and has grown exponentially to date with a customer base of some of the Top 500 listed companies in the UK and EMEA.

Recognised by media outlets as one of the top five companies to look out for in 2018, our system integration platform has entrenched itself as a cutting-edge technology innovation demystifying the concept Of “Internet Of Things” with innovative solutions. With return of investment and customer value at the forefront of our industry specific solutions, the future of IoT technology has become a tangible reality. The service is unique in that it provides:

Rapid Digitisation

Intelligent filtering of data at the edge

Real-time, in-shift optimization of operations

Integration of analog and digital, legacy and new devices

Quick implementation with no disruption, retrofitting our technology to create interoperability between new and legacy infrastructure and equipment.

Consolidation of business-wide processes and data.

Remote monitoring and management of businesses



Organisations own many different pieces of environmental hardware, but with little or no synergy between them. Our solution creates one holistic ecosystem from those investments, implementing seamless Enterprise Information Management.

  • A live view of CO levels in and around buildings
  • Real-time view of device operation times
  • Lowering Of dangerous living standards
  • Less latency in Emergency response times
  • IoT as a value added service