Project Description

Business Challenge

You get the best from your organisation when there is smart interaction between the many parts. When there is no interoperability, the business suffers. You can achieve optimal, affordable and effective operational synergy with IoT System Group’s market-changing IoT solutions. Resolve your business challenges through our innovation.

Our Solution

These pain points, combined with theft, mismanagement, vandalism and breakdowns are adding to the issues year on year. The IoT Systems Group solution gives you access to the truck’s live video streams (exterior and interior) as well as real-time truck position monitoring.


Common Business Challenges In The Truck Tracking Industry

  • No real-time visibility of stock levels.
  • No visibility of when a vehicle has come to a stop.
  • Lack of visibility of the truck door status.
  • Lack of visibility of refrigeration unit temperatures.


  • Temperature Sensors
  • Real time updates on Door Contact detection
  • GPS tracking and monitoring

Real-time, Full Value Chain Integration And Visualisation

IoTSG’s Real-time Notification & Alarm Dashboard

Power BI Reporting Dashboards


Exception based reactions with intelligent context control, graphical display of required video and data, camera snapshots, video recording and playback, push notifications, trailer door statuses, trailer temperatures, and truck security incident reaction functionality.

Each truck will be fitted with a GPS device to communicate the trucks location in real time.

Each area of the process will be Geo-fenced to aid in calculating truck KPIs such as time in area or number of trucks in area.

Uses edge intelligence and data to facilitate non discretionary decisions and reporting.

Automatically detects and notifies out of tolerance scenarios.



Real-time visibility of the location of each truck shown on a map; this will aid to monitor each truck’s whereabouts and track if the truck follows the correct path/procedures.

Rapid Response

Be notified of and respond quickly to out of tolerance scenarios reducing the risk of stock theft.

Customer Service Levels

Improved management of service level agreements with customers. Audit trail available for stock discrepancy cases.

Stakeholder Expectations

Improved visibility to stakeholders. Information provided to better inform business decisions.


Information can be used to optimize routing and scheduling.