Project Description


You achieve more success in your organization when there is seamless interaction between its many parts: When there is not, the business suffers. Achieve optimal, affordable and effective operational synergy with I0T System Group’s market-changing IoT solutions. Resolve your business challenges through our world-class innovation.


Each animal is issued with a low-energy Bluetooth ear tag that interacts with our Virtual Gateway. The gateway  is installed at the entrance of a water pit and detects the cattle’s individual tags when they enter the area. Heads are automatically counted and the system issues an alert if any tagged animal is not detected within a certain period of  time. using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, the farm has continual visibility on its valuable live assets.


Livestock managers can enjoy access to accurate headcounts and receive instant notifications if an animal is missing. This helps drastically reduce loss due to disease, injury or theft, as the farm can respond quickly to investigate missing cattle. Maintaining accurate records of live stock in the face of
managing large herds and unreliable counting methods.

Quality Control

Digitised value and supply chains allowing for produce to be tracked and traced from source to retail shelf, delivering quality control and the ability to immediately identify problem areas at production source.


By connecting all legacy machinery warehousing and packaging plants can be more productive and efficient.

Energy & Resource Management

Use of power, management of irrigation, pumps, dam levels, water required at production plants are all aspects of energy use that can be managed in real time and changed seamlessly for exceptional cost savings and improved efficiency.

Livestock Tracking

Tracking of livestock to monitor health and feeding patterns.



IoT Systems Group is an award-winning market leader in IOT technology. The company was founded in 2016 and has grown exponentially to date with a customer base of some of the Top 500 listed companies in the UK and MENA regions.

Our sophisticated IoT supply chain and consultancy capability has enhanced client performance, and our platform has entrenched itself as a cutting-edge technology innovator demystifying the concept of “Internet Of Things” with innovative solutions. With return of investment and customer value at the forefront of all our industry specific solutions, the future of IOT technology has become a tangible reality.

Rapid Digitization

Intelligent filtering of data at the edge

Real-time, in-shift optimization of operations

Integration of analog and digital, legacy and new devices

Quick implementation with no disruption, retrofitting our technology to create interoperability between new and legacy infrastructure and equipment.

Consolidation of business-wide processes and data.

Remote monitoring and management of businesses


Increased visibility and management of  cattle through real-time monitoring and notifications

Intuitive, visual representation of data for real-time decision making future planning

Easy status updates through an integrated SMS notification service

Integrated with Microsoft PowerBI to create intuitive information displays

Real-time updates on detected livestock using resilient and reliable BLE technology