Project Description



Whether private or public healthcare, hospitals need to achieve seamless integration between their many business units. When there is a lack of cohesion, the end customers, citizens as well as the business value chain is compromised. To achieve optimal, affordable and effective operational synergy using IoT Systems Group’s market-changing I0T solutions, resolve your healthcare challenges through our world-class innovation.

Common challenges facing the healthcare sector:

  • Asset tracking & management, security and operational inefficiencies
  • Lack of environmental monitoring and management
  • Limited clarity on incidents and occurrences
  • Lack of real-time high care and infant care body temperature monitoring
  • High operational costs and low productivity



IoT solutions link all systems and sub-systems together in a seamless, aggregated I0T health care facility. This delivers real-time and hyper-contextualized information, feeding business intelligence, process efficiencies, proactive maintenance and incident management, and reduced manual intervention.

Our integrated solutions are underpinned by FogHorn’s smart edge gateway, a world-class system.

Our Solutions Enables Your Organization To Have:

  • Effective utilities and equipment monitoring and Management
  • Asset tracking and monitoring
  • World class security
  • Environmental monitoring and management

Asset Tracking and Monitoring

Real-time tracking helps ensure that maintenance of fixed and mobile assets is scheduled, resulting in minimal downtime, and, where possible, avoiding major breakdowns and productivity stoppages as a result of component failure.

Facilities Management

Tracking rooms and theatres to ensure that spaces are used, and functioning optimally. Equipment performance can be analysed alongside heatmaps, noise and temperature levels, medicinal storage conditions and energy consumption.

Doctor / Patient Planning

Expedited response times, particularly during emergencies, coupled with more accurate location mapping and utility planning lead to improved patient satisfaction.

Enhanced Patient Care

A holistic view of vital information could lead to more proactive treatment and improved accuracy in the diagnostic phase of patient care. Real-time insight into patient information and personalized thresholds and data could aid in improved disease management.




Our healthcare solutions will increase your hospital’s business efficiencies and reduce time due to infrastructure maintenance and replacement.

It is overlaid into existing infrastructure ensuring there is no down time and disruption to your productivity which ensures your hospital remains at the forefront of delivering world class services to end customers and citizens.



IoT Systems Group is an award-winning market leader in IoT technology. The company was founded in 2016 and has grown exponentially to date with a customer base of some of the Top 500 listed companies in the UK and MENA regions.

Recognised by media outlets as one of the top five companies to look out for in 2018, the Group has entrenched itself as a cutting-edge technology innovator demystifying the concept Of “Internet Of Things” with innovative solutions. With return of investment and customer value at the forefront of all our industry specific solutions, the future of IoT technology has become a tangible reality.

Rapid Digitisation

Intelligent filtering of data at the edge

Real-time, in-shift optimisation of operations

Integration of analog and digital, legacy and new devices

Consolidation of business-wide processes and data