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Project Description

Ready to move your Hospital into the future?

Generally, hospital monitoring equipment alerts healthcare practitioners when thresholds are reached. There’s simply too much information, from too many devices, printing lines onto too many reams of paper, to contemplate interoperability.

In a digitalised, interconnected environment these issues are obsolete. Our technology-agnostic IoT solution can be overlaid onto existing set ups, meaning older equipment can be protected, and there’s little disruption in vital wards. Data feeds are made into interoperable pools of information, from which real-time, actionable insights can be drawn.

Poised to account for $117 billion by 2020, the health care IoT industry is not one to ignore.

“Disruption is evident in the healthcare sector, where the pen and paper has been the primary means of recording patient information for decades. But now, healthcare technology is changing in major ways.”
– Business Insider

Asset Tracking and Monitoring

Real-time tracking helps ensure that maintenance of fixed and mobile assets is scheduled, resulting in minimal downtime, and, where possible, avoiding major breakdowns and productivity stoppages as a result of component failure.

Facilities Management

Tracking rooms and theatres to ensure that spaces are used, and functioning optimally. Equipment performance can be analysed alongside heatmaps, noise and temperature levels, medicinal storage conditions and energy consumption.

Doctor / Patient Planning

Expedited response times, particularly during emergencies, coupled with more accurate location mapping and utility planning lead to improved patient satisfaction.

Enhanced Patient Care

A holistic view of vital information could lead to more proactive treatment and improved accuracy in the diagnostic phase of patient care. Real-time insight into patient information and personalized thresholds and data could aid in improved disease management.

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