Project Description



You achieve more success in your organization when there is seamless interaction between its many parts. When there is not, the business suffers. Achieve optimal, affordable and effective operational synergy with IoTSG’s market-changing IoT solutions. Resolve your business challenges through our world-class innovation.

Common business challenges facing the ports industry:

Lacking real-time insight into the production and performance outputs of their assets, mine management and control center teams have to manage operations retrospectively after shifts and through manual paper capturing. This dictates workforce management and production targets, which can negatively affect employees, equipment, production output, planning and forecasting in such a highly margin-sensitive industry.



We harnesses sensory equipment, coupled with our virtual IoT gateway system. Sensor data (including RFID Environmental sensors, PLC and CanBUS integration) is fed into our workflow component, where behaviour rules and instant notifications (email and sms) can be defined.

Areas of integration:

  • Underground production equipment
  • Ventilation Doors
  • Identified Water, Airflow and Air Quality
  • Monitoring points

Time Saving

Significantly reduced time latency.
Proactive management of variance and discrepancies.

Predictive Maintenance

Integration of machine information and predictive analytics detect wear and tear on vital equipment, leading to increased productivity.

Energy and Water Efficiency

Integrates the entire mining ecosystem into a single overview of all processes:

  • Conveying;
  • Water Systems;
  • Energy and Waste Management.

Increased Production Efficiency

Integrates disparate legacy systems into a horizontal platform allowing for integrated downtime management.




See real-time vehicle performance and environmental conditions from your centralized control room. IoTSG’s solution supports KPI monitoring, initiating automated workflow when exceptions are generated, notifying respective parties for immediate resolution.

Our Solutions Allow Your Organisation To Have:

  • Increased real-time vehicle performance and incident visibility, improving management and response times.
  • Proactive incident management and resource allocation where any problems are identified, thus increasing performance.



IoT Systems Group is an award-winning market leader in IoT technology. The company was founded in 2016 and has grown exponentially to date With a customer base Of some Of the Top 500 listed companies in the UK and MENA regions.

IoT Systems Group has entrenched itself as a cutting-edge technology innovator demystifying the concept of “Internet of Things” with innovative solutions. With return of investment and customer value at the forefront of all of our industry specific solutions, the future Of IoT technology has become a tangible reality.

Rapid Digitization

Intelligent filtering of data at the edge

Real-time, in-shift optimization of operations

Integration of analog and digital, legacy and new devices

Consolidation of business-wide processes and data