Project Description



You achieve more success in your organization when there is seamless interaction between it many parts. When there is not, the business suffers. Achieve optimal, affordable and effective operational synergy with IoTSG’s market-changing IoT solutions. Resolve your business challenges through our world-class innovation.

Common business challenges facing the ports industry:

  • Fragmented multi Sub-systems in affecting operations.
  • Lack of sensor data obscuring operator behavior and real-time insights into deviation against planning systems.



IoT Systems Group is an award-winning market leader in IoT technology. The company was founded in 2016 and has grown exponentially to date
With a customer base of some Of the Top 500 listed companies in UK and MENA regions.

IoT Systems Group platform has entrenched Itself as a cutting-edge technology innovator demystifying the concept of “Internet of Things” with innovative solutions, With return of investment and customer value at the forefront of all the IoT Systems Group industry specific solutions, the future Of IoT technology has become a tangible reality.



Get real-time information about your heavy equipment, including cranes, straddles, haulers, bowsers and all endpoints, using FogHorn’s world-class
smart edge gateway along with telematics and sensors. All views are tailored to the specific needs inside your organization, using our user interferace tool to track and monitor machinery in in straight-forward and your environment business-ready intelligence. Paired with an AI solution, you can drive efficiencies and improve vessel turnaround times by analysis and improving process performance across the yard.

Areas of integration:

  • Direct integration into cranes, straddle carries, haulers and bowsers.
  • Additional sensors added at critical points throughout the operation.
  • Integration Into planning and maintenance systems.

Our integrated solutions are underpinned by FogHorn’s smart edge gateway, a world-class system that ensures your business remains ahead in the time- and load-sensitive ports industry.



Monitor toxic gas leaks and weather conditions in real-time, enabling your organisation to proactively plan for shutdown and commissioning activities — a dramatic reduction in downtime. You’ll also have real-time visibility into equipment movement: deploy agile and dynamic changes in the port, leading to massive gains in overall efficiency.

Our Solutions Allow Your Organisation To Have:

  • Efficiency – Visibility into overall operations, highlighting inefficiencies to addressed.
  • Health and Safety – Real-time monitoring of environmental conditions, alerting operators immediately as thresholds are reached.
  • Productivity – Reduced downtime, which will drastically improve productivity.

Operation of Key Facilities & Assets on Quayside and Mobile

Intelligent interconnectivity of machinery, systems and processes, regardless of whether they’re existing or new, allow real-time deployment of changes to process control based on demand and resource availability. Improved turnaround time is the result.

Field Service

Client behaviour and preference monitoring, packaging and logistical preparation.

Production Asset Management & Maintenance

From quality control, damage and breakdowns, location tracking and bottlenecks within the port location and environs, to cargo handling flow monitoring, services and predictive maintenance.

Cost Reduction

More efficient use of resources and utilities, avoiding surplus cargo build up and smarter turnaround rates based on demand.
Real-time asset management shows the health and status of various machinery, allowing for pre-emptive maintenance.
Lower cost of ownership, smarter spending and workforce optimisation.

Data Management

Optimisation, digitisation and visibility of the port and logistics environment and all of its components.
Simplification of complex site processes using predictive analytics and smart BI.


Rapid Digitization

Intelligent filtering of data at the edge

Real-time, in-shift optimization of operations

Integration of analog and digital, legacy and new devices

Consolidation of business-wide processes and data

Optimising Your Business Systems Does Not Have To Be Complicated