Smart Manufacturing


Manufacturing, by nature, involves the interconnectivity of various systems and processes. Efficiency and productivity are the drivers for success but, in increasingly complex environments, how can organisations maintain control of, and optimise, their operations? The answer is simpler and faster to implement than you think – IoT. As more operations adopt lean manufacturing principles, [...]

Smart Agriculture


Ready to put your farm in your pocket, and future-proof your operations? Ever-increasing demand in a highly competitive sector pushes technology to the forefront for farmers. Knowing how a farm, and all the components that, collectively, make up its ecosystem, are functioning and developing at all times is more important than ever. We’ve seen [...]

Smart Hospital


Ready to move your Hospital into the future? Generally, hospital monitoring equipment alerts healthcare practitioners when thresholds are reached. There’s simply too much information, from too many devices, printing lines onto too many reams of paper, to contemplate interoperability. In a digitalised, interconnected environment these issues are obsolete. Our technology-agnostic IoT solution can be [...]